We Speak Human, Not Geek

Our Philosophy

We Create Solutions that Align with Your Business Plan

Technology should offer you a better quality of life, and we’re here to enhance that.
We understand that IT is a critical component of your company’s ability to be effective. For that reason, we believe in providing custom solutions that work for you. Rather than offer products you don’t need or which don’t provide ROI, we listen to you, provide what you need, and never waste your time.

A smartly designed system must work for everyone in a company, from the CEO to the receptionist. We are genuinely interested in approaching solutions from every perspective within your company. Whether your goals are to increase security, enhance performance, eliminate redundancies, boost office productivity, or all of the above, we excel at creating efficient solutions that solve multiple needs.

When technology works well, people are happy. It’s that simple. Rather than confuse you with jargon, make you feel inadequate, or sell you something you don’t need, we want to support you. That means a designated tech response expert (not an operator) is available to you 24/7 for any IT need. When you call, we answer. And we will save you the “geek speak.” If your call goes to voicemail, we’ll call back – fast. We understand that lost time not only costs you money, but peace of mind. We’re here to save you both.

We identify problems before you see them. If we notice a system is about to fail or your security is vulnerable we will let you know, or better yet, take care of it — so you don’t have to. We are not here to simply fix your problems; we are here to ensure they don’t happen to begin with.

We are people-people,
who just happen to be computer people

Because Ember is focused on making sure you are happy with everything we do, we hire only the best talent to serve you. That means we bring on board team members who not only have rock-solid tech, advisory and training skills—they are also amazing listeners and people-people: someone you’d actually want to spend time with outside the office. You’ll notice this difference right away.

Every associate from Ember is service-oriented, friendly, smart, always polite and super responsive. They never make us feel bad for asking simple questions, and believe me, we appreciate this!

Employee at Faraday Pharmaceuticals