5 Stages to make it easy

We’ve simplified our process for you into five stages, to ensure your highest priorities are understood and being met:


Listen and Respond

When you connect with us via the website or by phone, we’ll listen to your needs, clarify your prioritized technology issues, and provide you with input on the next steps


Evaluate in person

Next, we’ll conduct an introductory on-site service assessment with your organization’s designated IT point person. If your key stakeholders attend this meeting, it ensures you end up with the most cost-effective IT solution. We arrive prepared and follow a streamlined assessment process that evaluates your company business goals, IT productivity issues, security and disaster recovery needs, current and future personnel workflow requirements, and more.


Review and confirm

We meet once more to review the customized quote we created for you. Together, we verify that we have accurately captured your needs. We also perform a final review of your support options such as server and desktop monitoring, backups, and our service level agreement (SLA) details.


Agree and authorize

With your completed review of the SLA, we finalize an agreement that confirms your needs and our solutions. This documented assessment is a billed step that will eventually be deducted from the services you purchase. The fee for this service will be determined on a case-by-case basis.”


Get to work

Then, we roll up our sleeves and set to work making your life and your business run more smoothly.

Call 206-285-4600 or email to get started.