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The Client

J. Donley Associates is a leading Washington firm with a 20 year history serving self-insured employers throughout the Pacific Northwest—by providing a host of services to achieve optimal outcomes for both employers and employees in the event of injury or disability. Ember’s point person at J. Donley is Reginald Pinckney, VP, Business Operations.

The Ember team never comes in with an ego. They operate with professionalism, honesty, transparency and always with a friendly approach that makes it easy for anyone here or remotely to ask for help. They operate more like trusted business partners and that’s rare in an IT company.

Reginald Pinckney, VP, Business Operation

The Pain Points

J. Donley churned through four IT companies in a short time trying to find a firm that could help them with their most critical IT needs: server connectivity issues, software incompatibilities (they use a proprietary software solution), remote employee access to systems and software, and an IT company they could trust to get the job done for them and untangle what had been tangled.

The Ember Solution

Reginald most appreciated that Ember’s approach was the opposite of “go purchase more IT equipment and software, and we’ll help you use it.” Instead, Ember got into the details of exactly what they needed in order to streamline and solve their most pressing issues, using their existing IT investment. Ember was thoughtful, creative and pragmatic and took care not to burden J. Donley with unnecessary fees and costs.

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