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Specialty Eyecare Centre is a premier, Bellevue-based comprehensive eye care clinic, serving the greater Seattle area for more than 30 years. The point of contact for Ember is Dr. Howard Barnebey, the practice founder.

Our staff has a huge amount of confidence in Ember and respect for the way they treat every person in our office, from the founder to the newest hire! They quickly got 99.5% of our practice all set up, boosted the productivity of our whole team, and never, ever make any of us feel stupid for asking a question.

Renee Cook, Operations Manager and Clinical Research Coordinator


The practice’s two offices had to move to a mandated electronic medical record (EMR) system within three months, changing every process involved with documenting, communicating and utilizing technology to treat patients. Up to that point, they had relied on one IT person and a series of patches and workarounds. This IT conversion would be an entirely new system—a move from a paper-centric to a technology-efficient infrastructure—and it needed to be easy for the whole staff to adopt. For Dr. Barnebey, that meant finding an IT company that exhibited professional excellence and integrity, the right personality fit to work with him and every staff member, and a company that would not nickel and dime them along the way.


Ember’s president, Babak Pourmassina, structured the conversion process into clear steps to make it an easy, seamless and trainable process for the whole Specialty Eyecare staff. Ember’s engineers, Justin, Alex and Jonas, worked onsite each week to install new workstations, introduce patient laptop solutions, integrate servers, and ensure the smooth functioning of Specialty Eyecare’s VOIP system and office machines. Today, Ember enjoys an ongoing and productive relationship with Specialty Eyecare through a customized service level agreement retainer.

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